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A casual shooting gallery where you can abuse social media... Shoot the birdies, get points, and take advantage of bonuses from the lovely alien. Perfect for killing a few minutes or just relieving some stress!

Gameplay video here:


1.1.0 Changes:

  • Hitboxes revised to be a bit easier.
  • Text has drop shadows and is slightly more readable.  
  • High score now records the top attempts.  Tap the score on the main menu to see the list and reset the values.
  • Music defaulted to disabled.
  • Android users can tap the text in the help screen to fully close the application.

Running the game:

For PC/Linux - Extract the files and run application. Do not move the application away from the data files.
For OSX - Just extract and run the app.
For Android - Version 4.1 or greater required.  Download and run the .apk to install the app. Bars should be hidden, but if needed a method of force quitting the application has been added in the help menu. Just tap the text in the bottom right corner.

This game has undergone limited testing.  If you have any problems contact me on twitter @illogicalcrow


SocialHunter1.1.0_Windows.zip 9 MB
SocialHunter1.1.0_Linux.zip 11 MB
SocialHunter1.1.0_OSX.app.zip 11 MB
SocialHunter1.1.0.apk 9 MB